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Environmental Performance

Thanks to advanced aerodynamics, a highly efficient powertrain, and new functions like ECO ASSIST™, the new Insight features superior real-world fuel economy and low emissions. The Ecological Drive Assist System (ECO ASSIST™) is a fuel economy information system designed to help the driver develop and maintain a fuel-efficient driving style. The system monitors driving style, and can display the impact of a driving style on the vehicle’s fuel economy. The system also provides feedback that can help the driver make adjustments to driving style. By pressing the ECON button, the driver may choose to trade off a measure of performance to enhance fuel economy. The efficient new IMA powertrain and the driving guidance provided by ECO ASSIST™ help the Insight provide a balanced approach between efficient highway commuting and efficient city driving.


* Japanese Version

ECON Mode for Enhanced Fuel Economy

Pushing the ECON button initiates a range of functions that increase the fuel economy of the new Insight's Integrated Motor Assist(IMA) system:

  • Increases the potential for engaging the idle stop feature sooner
  • Operates air conditioning more in recirculation mode
  • Reduces automatic climate control blower fan speed
  • Optimizes throttle angle input and CVT operation
  • Limits power and torque by approximately 4 percent (full responsiveness is provided at wide-open-throttle)
ECON button

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