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The Honda Worldwide Honda Robotics Site: News, research and development, and details of robotics technologies


Philosophy of Honda Robotics

The all-new ASIMO

Honda Robotics - Honda's robotics technologies and product applications

Studying human beings to understand people and learn from people is the root of Honda’s manufacturing.

While positioning the humanoid robot research as one of the important pillars in the area of studying human beings, Honda has been working to realize various functions of a human being that is the ultimate mobility with intelligence.

All-new ASIMO with Significant Advancements, and experimental Task-performing Robot Arm

Task-performing Robot Arm

Since the establishment of the company, Honda has continued to take on new challenges in the effort to create new products and advance technologies with the spirit of utilizing technology to help people. In the area of humanoid robot research, Honda has been developing and advancing the ASIMO humanoid robot to realize a dream to be useful for people and to help enrich people’s daily lives.

The all-new ASIMO is now advanced from an “automatic machine” to an “autonomous machine” with the decision-making capability to determine its behavior in concert with its surroundings such as movements of people.

Technologies developed for ASIMO were applied to an experimental model of a task-performing robot arm, which moves on a self-propelled base and was designed under the assumption of being utilized at disaster sites or other places too dangerous for people to work. Toward this end, the robot arm was made possible to be remotely controlled to approach the object and stably perform necessary tasks even in a narrow space with unstable footing and many obstacles.

High-Access Survey Robot

Honda Robotics product applications - walking assist device and U3-X

In addition to the all-new ASIMO and the task-performing robot arm, the previously introduced the walking assist device with stride management system which supports walking for people with weakened leg muscles, the bodyweight support assist system which reduces the load on legs by supporting part of the bodyweight, and the U3-X, a compact one-wheel-drive mobility device that provides free movement in all directions, are examples of product applications resulting from the application of bipedal technology and balance control technology amassed through the research and development of ASIMO.

Striving to offer next-generation mobility products which expand the joy and fun of mobility, Honda will continue the robotics research that leads to ASIMO, walking assist devices, U3-X and other technologies. In addition, Honda will also work proactively toward putting such product applications into practical use.

Honda Robotics product applications

Robotics Technologies

    The Honda Humanoid Robot ASIMO
  • Walking Assist
    Walking Assist
    Supporting people with weakened leg muscles to walk
  • U3-X
    Honda Develops New Personal Mobility Device
    The world's first omni-directional driving wheel system
  • High-Access Survey Robot
    High-Access Survey Robot
    The survey robot to be applied for on-site surveys inside a nuclear reactor building

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