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Over-The-Wing Mounted Engines—Unlike Any Other Business Jet

Whereas the engines of most conventional business jets are located in the rear of the fuselage, the HondaJet has an over-the-wing engine mount configuration. Through experimentation and extensive testing, Honda developed a unique over-the-wing design that optimizes engine position and shape for a significant improvement in aerodynamic performance. This layout means the rear of the fuselage no longer has to be designed to house and support the engine as in conventional business jets, which allows internal space to be maximized and makes the HondaJet's spacious cabin and baggage compartments possible.

[Engine configuration]

The HondaJet's over-the-wing engine mount configuration reduces drag (shock waves) which occurs when flying at high speeds. This allows faster flight speeds than other aircraft of its class, as well as greater fuel efficiency.

[Wing shockwave simulation image]

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