HondaJet - Performance
HondaJet Performance
Fuel efficiency Range Cruise Speed
Cruise Speed

The HondaJet is fast, responsive and fuel efficient, thanks to Honda's advanced technologies including the patented over-the-wing engine mount design which reduces drag at high speed.
  km/h mph knot
· HondaJet Maximum Cruise Speed 778 km/h 483 mph 420 knot
· F1 (Honda Racing F1 Team) *Nov,2005 test 340km/h 211 mph 184 knot
· Falcon (Nose dive) 298km/h 185 mph 161 knot
· Acela Express 265km/h 165 mph 143 knot
· Cheetah 105km/h 65 mph 57 knot
· Olympic Sprinter 44km/h 27 mph 24 knot

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