September 1st 2007
Honda Racing Corporation celebrates its 25th birthday

Racing has always been at the heart of Honda, indeed racing is Honda's very DNA.
From the very beginning company founder Soichiro Honda insisted that his engineers prove the company's engineering capabilities and accelerate development by testing their creations in the white heat of competition. It has always been thus, from Honda's very first Model A to the current RC212V MotoGP weapon. As current HRC president Masumi Hamane says: "A racing motorcycle is a rolling laboratory that provides us with live information and the racetrack is the stage where our dreams come true."Initially, Honda's racing efforts were run from within the Honda Motor Company, but in the early 1970s RSC (Racing Service Center) was established as a separate company to look after the company's racing programme. On September 11982 the Honda Racing Corporation was founded, its mission the development, manufacture and sales of motorcycles and parts for racing. Since then HRC has become a byword for high-performance engineering excellence and winning performance.

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