September 1st is the twenty-fifth birthday of HRC.

September 1st is the twenty-fifth birthday of HRC.
1982 was the year when we introduced the two-stroke, three cylinder NS500 to the World Championship Grand Prix 500cc class. In 1979 Honda had made the comeback to Grand Prix racing with the four-stroke NR500 and had struggled since then. We couldn't even gain a point, to say nothing about winning a race. I was working then as a staff member in the Grand Prix racing department. It was anguishing not to win a race but at that time all of us were battling desperately saying, "We will fight back! One day we will win a race and one day we will grab the World Championship!" On July 4th, 1982, in Spa Francorchamps, Freddie Spencer won the Belgian Grand Prix. It was the first victory for us after the comeback and I remember the day very well, as if I were there now. Our effort during the 1979-1982 period led to Honda's first 500cc World Championship in 1983 by Freddie Spencer and, I believe, also to all the success by Honda riders since then. It is a quarter of a century since 1982 and now we are heading into a new quarter of a century with all our fighting spirit and dreams with us.
I want to thank all of you for your support over the years and your continuous understanding towards HRC as we celebrate its twenty-fifth birthday together today. This heart-warming reception will become a milestone in the history of HRC.

August 31st 2007

Takeo Fukui Takeo Fukui
President and CEO
Honda Motor Co., Ltd

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