PGM-FI Setting Tool for CRF450R(2009 model)


Fully programmable fuel map indexed by throttle position and RPM.

The 2009 CRF450R PGM-FI system has built-in correction for changes in air temperature and barometric pressure. The HRC PGM-FI Setting Tool allows the rider even more control over fuel delivery and ignition timing, to suit the riders' specific needs.

Programming the PGM-FI is simple, requiring just a laptop computer. Changes to the fuel and timing settings are entered on the laptop and then downloaded to the PGM-FI unit by serial USB interface.

PGM-FI Setting Tool
PGM-FI Setting Tool
Serial/USB Interface Unit
Serial/USB Interface Unit

Three data views make the map data easy to understand. The user can display data in a 2D numeric table, 2D graph, or 3D graph.

Fuel values can be modified by up to +/- 30%. Timing values can be altered up to four degrees advance, or twelve degrees retard.

Fuel and timing maps are programmed on a 2D map referenced by throttle position and RPM.

▌ Fi Map (number of percent)

Fi Map (number of percent)

▌ IG Map (graph mode)

IG Map (graph mode)

▌ IG Map (3D graph)

IG Map (3D graph)
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