PGM-FI Setting Tool for CRF250R(2010-2012 model)


The CRF250R PGM-FI system has built-in correction for changes in air temperature and barometric pressure. The HRC PGM-FI Setting Tool allows the rider even more control over fuel delivery and ignition timing, to suit the riders' specific needs.

Programming the PGM-FI is simple, requiring just a laptop computer. Changes to the fuel and timing settings are entered on the laptop and then downloaded to the PGM-FI unit by serial USB interface.

From 2010 model, PGM-FI tuning connector located behind radiator shroud for easier access.

PGM-FI Setting Tool
PGM-FI Setting Tool
Serial/USB Interface Unit
Serial/USB Interface Unit
38771-N1D-670 CD-ROM,PGM-FI/IGN CRF250R(2010 Model)CD-ROM
38880-N1C-770 UNIT ASSY,SERIAL-USB I/F CRF450R/250R I/F UNIT(with SubCord for 2010 Model)

PGM-FI setting sample MAP (For 2010-2012 model)

We have prepared setting sample MAP with different setting for each condition. Download and use it for setting your bike. (Setting contents are as same as before. Former sample MAPs can not be used since the setting tool is new.)

【Description of the sample MAP】

◆<10_25_1> For beginners/Muddy spec
Setting to give smooth power character and improved traction.
The delayed ignition timing gives mild response. It gives better controllability in muddy conditions by setting at low to middle throttle and low to middle speed.

◆<10_25_2> Response spec
Setting to give better response to throttle control.
The advanced ignition timing gives better response. By giving richer fuel setting to the area where the ignition timing is advanced, it will give more torque and power feeling.

◆<10_25_3> Torque spec
Setting to give better torque feeling at low to middle speed and feeling to push the bike forward.
Torque feeling is achieved by setting richer fuel at low to middle speed area and response is achieved by advancing the ignition timing.

Sample Map Download (About 2KB ZIP)


CRF250R I/F for 2009
CD-ROM for CRF250R
I/F for 2010
You can use it by replacing to sub cord
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