Data Logger


Analyzer system from many years of experience in HRC technology

Answering the call of riders looking for a way to record faster lap times, the HRC has developed the data logger system from many years of experience in racing technology, which helps set up the machine and analyze race results. If connected with your personal computer, the system allows you to check the machine's behavior on the display and analyze your ways of running and the state of running from various points of view. In addition, the system for the RS125R and RS250R, in combination with the detonation counter (option), allows you to avoid defective setting of carburetors, making machine set-up sooner.


  • Allows you to record data obtained on the machine's behavior.
  • Recorded data can be stored in personal computers for graphic display on the CRT.
  • Allows you to analyze machine settings and your ways of running.
  • Allows easy installation on your machine.
  • Windows compatible analysis software available. (OS: Windows 98, Me,2000, XP Japanese and English version) (When installed, either Japanese or English can be selected)
  • The detonation counter fitted with outputs can be used to collect detailed detonation occurrence data (for RS125R/250R)
  • With the use of detonation indicators (option) and sift-up indicators (option), light emission can be used to check machine status.
  • The use of 4MB memory allows you to make extended period of measurements.
  • Optional parts available at later dates can be used to expand the system.

Measuring Data

  • Engine PRM
  • Throttle position(%)
  • Speed
  • Power voltage
  • Detonation
  • Analogue signal x4ch
Data Logger Data Logger
  • HRC racing motorcycles are made for competition use ONLY, and are NOT covered by warranty and NOT to be ridden on public roads.
  • All specifications are subject to change without notice.
  • Please consult your authorized Honda motorcycle dealers.

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