CBR1000RR 2009


The 2009 CBR1000RR Racing Kit is to be released by HRC in February. These parts are intended for road racing use only.

CBR1000RR Racing Kit is intended for wide range of customers to participate in races, as well as improving the competitiveness of the machine with exhaust pipe, silencer, air funnel, clutch, radiator, suspensions, meter, ECU and other parts replaced into race-use-only parts.

Improvement of the performance is intended by the retuning variety of engine and chassis parts.

The 2009 kit features redesigned PGM-FI/IGN enabling the following items, for wider control of engine management.
New setting items written in blue are added. (★)

● Traction Control System(TCS): preventing rear wheel spinning by controlling the engine output with FI and IG, based on the rotation data of front and rear wheel detected by front wheel sensor and main shaft speed sensor.

● Anti Spinning Setting: preventing rear wheel spinning by retarding ignition timing, based on the abrupt engine rotation change.

● G/R Map IG Select: Ignition timing can be cusotmized differently for each gear ratio.

● Front Up Control Setting: preventing front wheel to come off the ground(wheelie) by controling engine power output with the reduction of fuel injection and the retard of ignition timing, based on the information from front wheel sensor and the main shaft speed sensor. (★)

● IACV(Idle Air Control Valve): this was realized by IACV setting(Ne and throttle valve opening). More optimized setting has become available for the character of the engine rotation with grip throttle completely closed. (★)

*Appropriate specification according to each race regulation to be selected for participatin in racing.

[2009 CBR1000RR HRC Racing Kit]

  • ACG SET: stator coil and code clamper revised for improved reliability
  • AIR FUNNEL SET: length and the shape of funnel revised for improved performance
  • SENSOR ASSY, SPEED: production parts carried over
  • PULSER ASSY, CAM: lead line revised for improved reliability
  • EXHAUST SET (SB·JSB): specification revised for improved performance
  • MUFFLER COMP: specification revised for improved performance
  • HARNESS WIRE: improved reliability
  • UNIT ASSY PGM-FI/IGN: additional setting items and revised setting map(due to revised intake&exhaust specsification)
  • RADIATOR COMP: revised fin pitch for improved cooling
  • CALIPER ASSY, RR: revised piston position for improved performance
  • PAD COMP, RR(TT2450): accompanied with rear caliper change, for improved performance
  • SWINGARM ASSY, RR: reinforcemnt patch added for improved handling
  • CUSHION ASSY, REAR: revised setting
  • ARM PLATE, CUSH(P2·P4, made of steel): different link ratio option added
  • ENG HANG BOLT(made of titanium): improved handling
  • R/L ENG HANG BOLT(steel hollow bolt): improved handling

* Other parts are sold the same as 2008 YM.

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  • HRC racing motorcycles are made for competition use ONLY, and are NOT covered by warranty and NOT to be ridden on public roads.
  • All specifications are subject to change without notice.
  • Please consult your authorized Honda motorcycle dealers.

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