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For braking, the GL1800 is equipped with a Combined ABS, i.e., a combined brake system (CBS) plus an anti-lock brake system (ABS). This Combined ABS is a braking system unique to Honda; if either the hand brake (for the front wheel) or the foot brake (for the rear wheel) is operated, the brakes for the front and rear wheels apply braking force with an ideal braking force distribution creating a system able to obtain high deceleration.

The antilock braking system controls unexpected body behavior due to wheel locking, and releases excess tension even during sudden braking or under slippery road surface conditions such as rain, allowing even more reliable braking force to be ensured in normal operation.

Furthermore, taking roads and use environments all over the world into consideration, the front is equipped with two three- piston calipers attached to a floating 296mm disc, and the rear with a three-piston caliper attached to a 316mm ventilated disc to ensure even greater braking force.

The combined brake system is a system to assist in braking operation, but operating the hand brake (front wheel) and foot brake (rear wheel) simultaneously in accordance with the situation is still the basis for braking.
ABS is not a system to reduce braking distance, but rather a system to assist the rider's braking operation. Thus, as with vehicles not equipped with ABS, it is essential to reduce speed sufficiently before corners and similar situations, and careless operation cannot be controlled.
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