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Technical details

3. Consolidated intake ports inside the cylinder head

In order to achieve a "ride to suit mature tastes," in addition to the combination of a 270º phase crank and uniaxial primary balancer, the team altered the intake-port layout inside the cylinder head to produce precisely calculated combustion timing variations. In-line, 2-cylinder engines have two air intake channels that are adjacent but designed to act independently so that neither channel interferes with the air intake process of the other. In this engine, however, the air intake processes have been intentionally designed to interfere with each other to generate subtle combustion variations, resulting in the "mature taste" called for by the development concept.
This idea of consolidated intake ports inside the cylinder head presented many challenges for the manufacturing process. In particular, how to solve the issue of distortion in the shape of the left and right ports that results from uneven cooling of molten aluminum due to the thickness of the metal around the two "consolidated" ports. Manufacturing precision to eliminate distortion was secured through exhaustive calculation and by adding cooling analysis to cutting-edge CAE mold flow analysis.

Consolidated intake ports inside the cylinder head
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