Solar Hydrogen Station

Honda begins operating next generation solar hydrogen station prototype, intended for ultimate use as a home refueling appliance capable of an overnight refill of fuel cell electric vehicles.



Honda begins experimental operation of next-generation Solar Hydrogen Station for household use.

With the goal of replacing fossil fuels, reducing emissions and combating climate change, Honda has worked proactively to development of fuel cell electric vehicles, which it views as the ultimate clean mobility of the future. Also believing it crucial to eliminate C02 emissions that result from the production, storage and supply of hydrogen fuel, Honda is engaged in the research and development of advanced H2 infrastructure technologies.

Since 2001, Honda has operated an experimental solar-powered water electrolyzing hydrogen station in Los Angeles, California. In January 2010 in the same location, Honda began experimental operation of a next-generation Solar Hydrogen Station that is small enough to fit in a typical household garage. To produce high-pressure hydrogen, the previous station required not only an electrolyzer but also a separate compressor unit. For the next-generation Solar Hydrogen Station, Honda developed a new high-differential pressure electrolyzer that combines electrolysis and compression functions in a single unit.

Since a separate compressor is no longer necessary, the Solar Hydrogen Station is more compact, quieter and lower in cost, making home hydrogen supply a more realistic option going forward. In addition, the new system is 25 percent more efficient than the previous system. Thanks to its enhanced design, the next-generation Solar Hydrogen System can produce 0.5 kg of hydrogen in 8 hours, enough to power the FCX Clarity fuel cell electric vehicle 30 miles.

In Japan, Honda and Saitama Prefecture are currently collaborating on an Electric Vehicle Testing Program for Honda's next-generation personal mobility products. As part of this program, Honda plans to build a Solar Hydrogen Station on the grounds of the Saitama Prefectural Office within the fiscal year ending March 31, 2012.

By operating next-generation Solar Hydrogen Stations, Honda seeks to enhance the efficiency of sustainable energy supply technologies while identifying and solving any issues that may stand in the way of full commercialization of hydrogen production and supply stations.

Solar Hydrogen Station System Comparison

Next Generation Solar Hydrogen Station

Solar Hydrogen Station System Configuration

Current Solar Hydrogen Station

Current Solar Hydrogen Station

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