Outstanding charging and discharge functionality

The ultra-capacitor retains the same high-performance activated-carbon electrode that was used previously, while the configuration of the electrode wrapped-element construction has been reexamined to increase the number of wraps per electrode without increasing size. This increase in electrode charge density delivers a significantly higher energy storage capacity, resulting in a 10% improvement in energy storage and output compared to the previous ultra-capacitor. Its charging and discharge functionality is among the best in the world.
(Based on Honda in-house testing)
Cell construction
Capacitor cell    
Capacitor charging and discharge performance (cell unit)
The Honda ultra-capacitor’s high-performance electrodes and electrolyte deliver outstanding energy density and output density that surpass those of conventional capacitors. In particular, the low resistance reduction effect of the electrodes and collectors enable a high level of output normally considered difficult to obtain in a capacitor. The ultra-capacitor boasts a further 10% improvement in charging and discharge performance over the previous model.
Schematic of electrical charging and discharge in electrical two-layered capacitor
Electrical two-layered capacitor
Physical absorption
  Chemical battery (nickel hydride two-phase battery)
Chemical reaction
The capacitor does not rely on a chemical reaction during charging and discharge, therefore internal resistance is lower, enabling higher output.
Output density
The output of the nickel hydride battery is limited to around 900W/kg due to the effect of heat loss, but the ultra-capacitor’s low resistance enables it to handle much higher output. The ultra-capacitor further improves on the performance of the previous model, achieving an output density of 1750W/kg or more.

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1. Charging and Discharge Functionality

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