High-pressure hydrogen tanks
Two 350-atmosphere high-pressure
hydrogen tanks provide ample storage capacity.

Given that the hydrogen used as fuel has a low energy density per volume, as much hydrogen as possible must be available to ensure maximal driving range. For optimal packaging, however, the fuel tanks must take up as little space as possible. The FCX’s 350-atmosphere, corrosion-resistant, high-pressure hydrogen tanks are constructed of three layers: an aluminum liner, a carbon fiber layer, and a glass fiber layer. The two tanks provide the FCX with a 156.6L fuel capacity. This large capacity combined with improved fuel consumption contributes to the car’s 430km* driving range. Fueling time at a high-pressure fueling station is only three minutes, for a level of convenience comparable to that of a gasoline-engine vehicle.
  The Honda FC Stack-equipped FCX, which is capable of starting at sub-freezing temperatures,is the world’s first fuel cell vehicle to be certified for use on public roads by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the California Air Resources Board (CARB).  


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