Frame designed to withstand collisions from any direction

In addition to incorporating the advanced technologies developed by Honda for all its automobiles, the fuel cell vehicle employs a special platform to achieve superior collision safety performance. Besides protecting vehicle occupants from collisions from the front, sides, and rear, the FCX also exhibits an outstanding level of safety performance to protect the fuel cell system and high-pressure hydrogen tanks from impact and the effects of body deformation in a crash.
Collision tests from all angles

Straight frame for superior safety performance

A large-cross-section, straight configuration from the front frame to the floor frame is bolstered by outriggers and a cross-member that extends to the side sills. The front frame has an impact-absorbing construction to reduce the force of impact on the cabin area in a frontal collision. The outriggers effectively absorb the impact of a side collision to minimize the effect on the cabin and fuel cell system.
Front frame and floor frame straight construction
Two-stage construction of the high-strength rear aluminum sub-frame and the rear frame

The lightweight, rigid rear sub-frame with extruded aluminum members is attached to the rear frame in a vertical two-stage construction. In a rear collision the back part of the rear frame first effectively absorbs the impact. Then the two-stage construction of the sub-frame and rear frame restrains the impact force to protect the high-pressure hydrogen tanks.
Rear frame and rear sub-frame two-stage construction

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