The highly compact fuel cell system is located under the floor and the high-pressure hydrogen fuel tanks are tucked under the rear seat, for a compact, easy-to-drive body with plenty of interior space and superior collision safety performance

Honda custom-designed a platform for the FCX to ensure the high standards of ease-of-use and practicality required of a passenger vehicle by optimizing body size, spaciousness, and collision safety. The layout freedom allowed by the fuel cell was given full play. The high-pressure hydrogen storage tanks were located under the rear seat, while the fuel cell system was made more compact and lightweight and centrally located under the floor, resulting in a spacious cabin while maintaining a high level of collision safety. The ultra-capacitor was laid out at an angle behind the rear seat to secure luggage space. A space-efficient rear suspension with outstanding driving performance was also employed, freeing up even more space. Finally, a compact PCU and transmission were added, resulting in an easy-to-drive body. The FCX’s highly efficient packaging gives it all the ease-of-use and practicality one expects in a passenger car.



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