How power distribution works

· Startup and acceleration
  (Output from fuel cell stack and ultra-capacitor)
The ultra-capacitor assists the fuel cell stack to achieve crisp, responsive performance.

· Deceleration
  (Power recovered and stored in ultra-capacitor)
The ultra-capacitor recovers the energy released during deceleration and stores it along with power from the fuel cell stack. This results in greater fuel efficiency and a natural feel on deceleration.

· Gentle acceleration and cruising
  (Output from fuel cell stack)
The fuel cell stack supplies the motor with most of its electrical requirements, allowing unassisted, economical high-speed cruising.

· Stopped
  (Idle stop)
The auto idle stop system shuts off output from the fuel cell stack to reduce fuel consumption. Electricity required to operate the air conditioner and other components is supplied by the ultra-capacitor. On startup, the system immediately supplies the necessary power for smooth, powerful acceleration. (Output of the fuel cell stack may not shut off under some conditions.)


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