Main powertrain components

· Honda FC Stack
  PEMFC (Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell) electrical generation device. Two lightweight, compact stacks with a total maximum output of 86kW.
· Humidification system
  The recycled water recovery (fully independent) humidification system recycles water generated in the FC Stack for use in air humidification.
· PCU (Power Control Unit)
  Controls electrical systems, including FC Stack output, capacitor output, drive motor output, air pump, and cooling pump.
· Fuel cell cooling system
  Equipped with one fuel cell system radiator (large) and two drive train radiators (small), specially developed for use in fuel cell vehicles for improved cooling performance.

· Drive train
  Composed of a drive motor, transmission, and drive shaft. The drive motor combines high efficiency with high output and torque (maximum output: 80kW; maximum torque: 272N·m).
· Honda ultra-capacitor
  Delivers instantaneous high-output assist during startup and acceleration, while efficiently recovering energy generated during braking. Combines high responsiveness with high efficiency.
· High-pressure hydrogen supply system
  Equipped with two tanks. Can be filled with up to 156.6L of hydrogen at approximately 350 atmospheres.
· Air supply system
  An air pump with a high-voltage electric drive motor supplies the FC Stack with air at the appropriate pressure and flow rate.

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1. Main powertrain components
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