The newly developed motor-controlled traction control system (TCS) is specially designed for the FCX to deliver a stable, reassuring ride even on snowy roads and other slippery surfaces.

Capable of starting at sub-freezing temperatures, the new FCX also features a newly developed TCS. This helps ensure ideal torque transmission even on snowy roads and other slippery surfaces. The wheel sensors for monitoring the rotational speed of each wheel detect wheel spin, and the ECU promptly controls the motor torque. Thanks to its simple structure, the motor-integrated transmission has minimal mechanical loss. Its superior responsiveness made possible the FCX’s quick, linear motor control. What’s more, its smooth acceleration with accurate wheel speed control and minimal differences in wheel rotational speed suppresses tire slip and delivers a stable, reassuring ride.
Comparison of TCS performance on a low µ road
Since the responsiveness of motor torque is optimal, wheel rotational speed is promptly controlled despite high drive-wheel slip.
Comparison of drive force transmission structures

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