The FCX delivers powerful performance, and superb maneuverability and handling stability.

To complement the smooth, powerful performance of the highly energy-efficient powertrain, the chassis and other components have been engineered for an improved ride, stability, and comfort. From city to highway driving, the FCX offers easy handling and a comfortable ride.
· 5-link double-wishbone rear suspension
  An Accord-type rear suspension is used to provide superb handling stability and ride comfort. The suspension mounts have also been unitized with the high-pressure hydrogen tanks and the sub-frame, contributing to greater space-utilization efficiency and easier installation.
· EPS (Electronic Power Steering)
  Specially designed rack-assist EPS combines light, natural handling at low speeds with solid stability at higher speeds.
· Electronic vacuum pump brakes
  An electronic vacuum pump and master power provide the right amount of braking assistance. ABS with EBD (Electronic Brake-force Distribution) is standard equipment.
· 55:45 front-rear weight distribution
  The fuel cell system and other major components have been optimally positioned to provide the ideal front-rear weight distribution for a front-wheel drive car. This results in highly stable handling characteristics.

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