The combination of the superior power generation efficiency of the Honda FC Stack and the further enhanced efficiency of the fuel cell system elevate torque energy efficiency. With its outstanding fuel efficiency, the FCX now has a driving range of some 430 km.

The newly developed Honda FC Stack features significantly improved operational capabilities. The improved efficiency of power generation by the stack, the air supply system to the stack, and the hydrogen circulation system results in a 22% increase over the previous model in torque energy efficiency. Further, highly efficient energy management ensures efficient use of the power generated, while minimal fuel consumption is achieved through energy recovery during deceleration, storage of electricity from the fuel cell stack, and the auto idle stop system for cutting power to the motor during idling. The FCX thus achieves an energy efficiency of 55%— approximately twice that of a hybrid car and three times that of a gasoline-engine vehicle. Consequently, fuel efficiency has improved 22% compared to the previous model, extending the driving range from 355 km to approximately 430 km.
(Honda internal calculations, LA-4 Mode)
Comparison of fuel efficiency*
* Honda internal calculations, LA-4 Mode
Comparison of torque energy efficiency*   Breakdown of improved torque energy efficiency*

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