January 2–3
Honda FC Stack-equipped FCX serves as lead car at the 80th Tokyo-Hakone Ekiden Road Relay Race
FCX lead car at Tokyo-Hakone Ekiden
February 26
Public road testing in Hokkaido, Japan of Honda FC Stack-equipped FCX, proving the vehicle’s cold-start and driving performance capabilities

March 19
FCX first fuel cell vehicle test-driven at the office of the prime minister of Thailand

Public road testing in Furano, Hokkaido
April 5
Test drives of Honda FC Stack-equipped FCX begin on Yakushima Island (Japan) as part of the Yakushima Zero Emissions Project

Honda FC Stack-equipped FCX test drives begin in the US

Public road testing on Yakushima Island
Honda FC Stack-equipped FCX receives US government certification for commercial use

November 16
Honda FC Stack-equipped FCX leased to New York State
Lease agreement ceremony in New York State
Hydrogen supply High-pressure hydrogen tank (350 atm)
Hydrogen storage capacity 156.6L
Fuel cell stack Honda-manufactured
Power assist Ultra-capacitor
Motor max. output 80kW (109PS)
Motor max. torque 272N·m (27.7kg·m)
Max. speed 150 km/h
Vehicle range 430 km
Number of occupants 4
Cargo space (VDA system) 102L

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