Use of stamped metal separators and a simplified construction make the Honda FC Stack lighter and more compact—for world-class output density

Conventional stacks using carbon separators require independent seals, along with disk springs and backup plates held together with large bolts in order to maintain a tight seal. In comparison, the Honda FC Stack utilizes high-strength stamped metal separators that are 50% thinner than their carbon counterparts, and employs a unitized seal that results in an even thinner cell unit and fewer parts. What’s more, the design takes advantage of the springiness of the metal separators to create a simple structure in which the stack is simply encased in panels, reducing the number of parts by half. The result is a fuel cell stack that is lighter and more compact, for a high-output, high-efficiency unit that achieves world-class output density (ratio of output to volume and weight) more than twice that of previous fuel cell stacks.
Comparison of separator thickness
Comparison of Honda FC Stack construction
Previous Honda stack*   Honda FC Stack
*Honda stack installed in FCX-V3

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