Alomatic electrolytic membrane and stamped metal separator used for the first time in an automotive application, for an evolutionary leap to the next generation in high-performance fuel cells

  Honda stack evolution  
Honda has developed an aromatic electrolytic membrane, which offers outstanding hydrogen ion permeability, and a stamped metal separator, for superb electrical and thermal conductivity—a world’s first in an automotive application. By improving electrical generating efficiency and through efforts to reduce stack size, the new stack has double the output and is half the size of its predecessor, achieving output density that ranks among the best in the world. What’s more, this enables operation in temperatures from –20°C to +95°C, and enhances durability. Production and recycling are also easier. These breakthroughs herald a new generation in fuel cell performance.

Power output evolution
(output ratio*)
  Compactness evolution
(volume ratio*)
  Lightness evolution
(weight ratio*)

* Ratio: Honda stack used in FCX-V2 equals 1.0


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