Newly developed Honda FC Stack combines world-class levels of compactness and high output with operation at ambient temperatures as low as –20 °C

More compact, more powerful, more widely compatible - toward an era of fuel cell vehicles for everyone

Honda synergizes its research in a number of fields in its drive to commercialize fuel cell vehicles. Particularly with the fuel cell itself, the heart of a fuel cell vehicle, Honda is pursuing greater compactness and higher output to improve installability in vehicles and deliver better driving performance. At the same time, Honda is increasing the fuel cell’s environmental adaptability to a wider range of climates, and mass production viability. Now, Honda has combined innovative thinking and groundbreaking new technologies to achieve a major breakthrough in fuel cell performance: the Honda FC Stack, the next generation in fuel cells.

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1. Honda Stack Evolution
2. At Extremely Low Temperatures
3. At High Temperature
4. Stamped Metal Separator
5. Stainless Steel Plate
6. Light and Compact
7. Configuration

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