Rotor heat generation control technology

To respond to increased magnetic flux variations in the rotor due to reluctance torque, magnetic partitioning was employed to greatly suppress the occurrence of eddy currents. High heat-resistant magnets and a magnetic circuit configuration appropriate for high output further achieved a high demagnetization suppression effect. This results in an expanded high-output range at high rpms.
Comparison of output and torque characteristics
Partitioned high heat-resistant magnets   Comparison of drive motor performance
  New FCX Previous model EV-Plus
Max. output 80kW 60kW 49kW
Max. torque 272N·m 272N·m 275N·m
Max. rpms 11,000rpm 11,000rpm 8,750rpm
Max. efficiency 97% 97% 96%
Avg. efficiency
(LA-4 mode)
93% or greater 93% or greater 90%

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1. Rotor heat generation control technology
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