Drive motor with increased power and torque -
Realizing driving potential from low to high rpm

Energy loss reduction technology and a heat-management design, for high efficiency over a wide range and an expanded power band—plus increased power and torque

The FCX drive motor is a further development and refinement of the high-performance technology Honda developed for the EV-Plus electric vehicle. In the previous model, reluctance torque combined with a low-loss magnetic circuit and full-range, full-digital vector control were applied to secure high efficiency over a broad output range, along with an expanded power band. Heat generation in the rotor was also controlled to expand the power band in the high-rpm range. On top of this, the new model takes advantage of the Honda FC Stack’s outstanding power generating capability and the increased ultra-capacitor storage capacity to attain a maximum output of over 80kW, stretching the motor’s performance to its maximum potential.

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1. Rotor heat generation control technology
2. Noise-reduction
3. Lightweight

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