Equipped with the Honda HDD Navigation System, featuring voice recognition and a hydrogen station locator function

The new FCX is equipped with the advanced, multi-functional Honda HDD Navigation System, featuring voice recognition, and programmed to indicate the locations of hydrogen stations. InterNavi Premium Club services are also available. Further, the new FCX is equipped with an electronic toll collection (ETC) system for highway driving. Information on ETC toll gates is displayed with the HDD Navigation System.

ETC toll gates
Vehicle-mounted ETC system
Superb heating and cooling for the ultimate in comfort

The new automated heater/air conditioner maintains the FCX interior at an ideal temperature whether the outside temperature is –20°C or extremely high. The heater has a hot-water heating system that uses electricity supplied by the fuel cell system, while the air conditioner employs a cooling cycle with an inverter-controlled compressor.
Advanced instrument design for superb readability and a clear understanding of energy management conditions

Energy management conditions are conveyed to the driver on an easy-to-understand display showing fuel stack output under different driving conditions, ultra-capacitor assist output and recharge status, and more. Along with a hydrogen fuel gauge, there is also a Distance to Empty gauge that indicates the remaining driving distance in accordance with fuel consumption. The bottom-center part of the display has an odometer, tripometer, and a multi-information display that can be adjusted to display various changes in vehicle status.
FCX instrument display
Distance to Empty display
An estimate of the minimum remaining driving distance under current driving conditions is displayed in blue. The maximum remaining driving distance possible under more fuel-efficient driving conditions is displayed in white.

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