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FCX Concept Makes its European Driving Debut

Honda's next-generation FCX Concept fuel cell vehicle made its European driving debut at the Gotland Ring in Sweden.
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True Spirit of Honda on Show at Geneva Motor Show

Honda's stand at this year's Geneva motor show is focused around two themes that represent the true spirit of Honda · its advanced technology and its sporting heritage.
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Already on the road and ahead of the pack, Honda’s FCX fuel cell vehicle defines a new paradigm in mobility. Now, a glimpse of the next stage of the fuel cell vehicle’s evolution—meet the FCX Concept. This vision of the future boasts a fuel cell system that delivers more power in less space, in a unique, low-floor fuel cell platform. It’s a next-generation sedan with a low center of gravity and a full-sized cabin, offering the kind of driving pleasure and roomy interior previously unimaginable in a fuel cell vehicle. The FCX Concept also features Honda’s advanced intelligent technologies that reduce driver burden, and the spacious interior allows for extra-large seats to maximize comfort. This premium sedan offers the ultimate in clean-running performance. The FCX Concept—enhanced mobility and a brighter, more rewarding future.

A premium, full-sized cabin with a fresh, upscale appearance

The FCX Concept is designed with a short front end to make the most of its unique low-floor platform, creating a comfortably large cabin. A tapered cabin profile and accentuated fender flare create an attractively dynamic look. The FCX Concept is a fuel cell vehicle that delivers style and excitement.

A futuristic, premium-quality interior

Luxurious seating takes full advantage of the generous cabin space, providing passengers with an extremely comfortable experience. Contrasting materials, from futuristic transparent plastics to classic leather and wood, combine to produce a warm, welcoming interior with an advanced feel. Intriguing elements like an instrument panel that appears to float in space, an interactive floor that uses lighting to indicate changes in cabin temperature, and premium reclining shell-like seats and foot rests in the rear make passengers feel right at home.

Premium intelligent technologies

Honda’s advanced intelligent systems accommodate the needs of drivers with enhanced safety and driving pleasure.

A. Speed Sensitive Adjusting Instrument Panel

The instrument panel in front of the passenger seat tilts up and down 45 degrees in response to vehicle speed. Tilting the panel upward during high-speed driving gives the passenger a sense of security, while tilting it downward during low-speed travel opens the space for a more relaxed feel.

B. Biometrics Driving Unit

Approaching the vehicle, the driver is recognized by vehicle sensors and intelligent cameras, and the vehicle’s doors unlock.The driving unit also automatically sets the steering wheel, accelerator pedal, and instrument panel to the optimal position for the driver.

C. Line-of-Sight Operated Switches

A system installed in the instrument panel senses the driver's line of sight shifting toward menu icons, and operates switches accordingly, allowing the driver hands-free operation of audio, air-conditioning and other vehicle systems.

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FCX Concept Makes its European Driving Debut
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FCX Concept Makes its European Driving Debut
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