FCX CLARITY Honda Debuts All New FCX Clarity

About the FCX Clarity

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Driving feel

The FCX Clarity’s motor powers its front-wheel drive.
Honda’s innovative V Flow FC Stack combines with the high-output lithium ion battery’s power assist as the high-output motor seamlessly propels the drive wheels.
The instant the driver presses down on the accelerator, there is a burst of powerful, torquey acceleration. No gear changes interrupt power delivery, so response is direct as the vehicle accelerates seamlessly from startup to top speed.
It’s an all-new dimension in driving feel, with none of the noise and vibration that comes from reciprocating pistons—just, clean, quiet, vibration-free performance.


An advanced cockpit for a futuristic experience

The cockpit is designed to inspire the excitement of driving a car of the future.

The new fuel cell multi-functional display takes center stage.
Off to the side, a compact electronic shifter that leverages the latest in Drive-by-Wire technology has been molded into the meter visors.

Each design touch enhances the futuristic feel, like the start switch beside the center console that activates the fuel cell stack.

FC multifunctional display

The three-dimensional meters appear to recede into the distance when viewed straight-on, displaying hydrogen consumption, battery assist and charge levels, and other vehicle information needed while driving. From the moment the driver enters the vehicle, the display adapts to his or her actions, providing an efficient interface.

H2 ball-shaped hydrogen consumption gauge

The H2 ball-shaped hydrogen consumption gauge changes color and size to reflect hydrogen consumption as driving conditions change. During high consumption, the ball becomes large and amber-colored. As consumption decreases, it shrinks and turns yellow, then blue.

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