About the EV-neo

  • Concept
  • Styling
  • EV System
  • Power Unit
  • Battery
  • Technical Speciflcations


A motorcycle that helps people look at their familiar neighborhood in a whole new way. A fresh presence that makes the streets seem lively and fun.

"In harmony with the neighborhood of the future."

This is the concept behind the design of the EV-neo.

To realize this concept, Honda aimed to make the design both open and familiar in feel, transcending the style of the current era and the user's location. Leveraging the innovative layout made possible by its EV technology, the EV-neo is clean, simple and modern, while its fulfillment of business motorcycle requirements make it trustworthy and dependable. These five points summarize the EV-neo's design.

Styling image

Final EV-neo design sketch

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