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Power Unit


The DC brushless motor features interior permanent magnets (IPM), which help produce high output even at low rpms for outstanding off-the-line acceleration. To ensure smooth acceleration at high rpms and highly efficient performance throughout the rpm range, the motor makes effective use of reluctance torque derived from the mutual pull of the magnets and steel parts.


Offering high efficiency throughout the rpm range and flexibility in terms of location on the motorcycle, the EV-neo motor requires no gearbox. Placed to the left of the rear wheel, the motor uses only a deceleration gear as needed. In addition to making the power unit more lightweight, this transmission configuration eliminates loss of power due to gear shifting and allows the battery to supply electricity very efficiently.

Automatic centrifugal clutch

To accommodate a wide variety of usage situations—on flat roads and on hills, loaded with cargo, etc.—the EV-neo features an automatic centrifugal clutch designed by Honda exclusively for EVs.* This clutch builds on the successful automatic centrifugal clutch technologies that Honda has developed for its gasoline engine scooters.
Thanks to the combination of the motor producing high output at low speeds with the automatic centrifugal clutch smoothly transmitting power, the EV-neo offers smooth and powerful off-the-line acceleration throughout the range of motor loads. To create a power unit that is highly compact, Honda has designed all these parts to achieve the best balance of weight, size and performance. The result is a commercial motorcycle that offers powerful, stress-free off-the-line acceleration.

Automatic centrifugal clutch schematic
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