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Power Unit

PDU (Power Drive Unit)

The PDU comprises two areas: the 12 V controller area, which manages power for the vehicle as a whole; and the 72 V driver area, which converts the DC current of the lithium-ion battery into 3-phase alternating current to drive the motor. Placing the PDU directly behind the swing arm pivot and between the battery and the motor* results in shorter wiring to connect these three parts, a more compact power unit overall and more efficient transmission of electricity.

PDU  (Power Drive Unit)

The controller area continuously manages power for the vehicle as a whole, including the motor, meters, headlight and charger. In communicating with the BMU (Battery Management Unit), it uses a controller area network (CAN) for trustworthy data transmission.
To transmit electricity efficiently from the battery to the motor, the driver area uses a field-effect transistor (FET), a semiconductor device whose high transmission efficiency makes it ideal for this task.

Two areas perform system management
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