About the EV-neo

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  • Styling
  • EV System
  • Power Unit
  • Battery
  • Technical Speciflcations

EV System

Honda has designed the EV system of the EV-neo so that riders of gasoline engine motorcycles can naturally transition to it. Basic operation is exactly the same:

  • The rider operates the throttle, and an APS (Accelerator Position Sensor) converts the degree of throttleopening into an electric signal.
  • The PDU calculates the optimal motor output level based on the signal from the APS and information from the BMU*.
  • Then, to produce this optimal output level, the PDU sends the appropriate amount of electricity from the battery to the motor.
Battery Management Unit: Manages battery condition (temperature, remaining charge and other parameters).
EV System: Pathway from throttle input to motor output

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