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Charging system

The charging system continuously monitors the battery charge level and temperature, adjusting optimally to changes in these parameters to charge the EV-neo simply, quickly and completely. The charger is controlled by the PDU, and its connector contains a terminal to transmit signals between the charger and the PDU, as well as a terminal to transmit electricity to the battery. The system works as follows:

  • When the user inserts the charger connector in the vehicle and presses the START button, the PDU is activated and begins exchanging signals with the charger.
  • Responding to information received from the BMU, the PDU sends signals to the charger to begin and stop charging. If the rapid charger is being used, the PDU also sends signals to regulate the change in charging rate during step-down charging.
  • Responding to signals from the PDU, the charger starts and stops transmitting electricity to the battery via the connector's electrical transmission terminal.
  • The PDU conveys the battery charge status to the EV-neo's battery remaining charge indicator.
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