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Big-capacity V4 performance

The Crosstourer is a machine designed to give its rider the feeling that anything is possible. No journey is too long or demanding, no road surface impassable. Contributing significantly to this feeling is the Honda V4 engine, now within a sports adventure touring package that delivers impressive and useable power and torque that is available whenever required.

Compact engine dimensions

The V4 configuration is slim and compact, reducing frontal area and helping realise a mass-centralised chassis for excellent handling. The rear cylinders are set in close proximity, making the engine narrower at the back. The result is a comfortably slim and manageable motorcycle. Contributing to the engine's compact dimensions is Honda's revolutionary Unicam technology, pioneered in Honda's CRF range of single-cylinder off-road machines. This employs a single overhead camshaft configuration to reduce the size and weight of the cylinder heads and optimise combustion chamber shape, benefiting performance.

Engine image
Engine image
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