About the Crossrunner

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The starting point for development was the following question that the Crossrunner development team posed themselves: given the new "Crossover Concept" that is not bound by conventional notions, and with Honda's advanced technologies in safety performance and environmental performance, is it not possible to satisfy a variety of needs with one vehicle: to have fun for multiple purposes, to value the time for "cultivating and being true to oneself," and to expand the joys and possibilities of each individual?

"Jump and Go!" was the key phrase chosen for development and is defined more specifically as follows:

  • Sophisticated, powerful design that looks attractive in urban areas and in outdoor activities
  • A size of body that can be manoeuvred easily even when riding in tandem, and an upright riding position
  • On-road comfort with mobility that expands the potential sphere of activities
  • A V4 engine to offer easy-to-handle output characteristics and concentrated mass Development of the Crossrunner started by aiming at the realization of these elements at a high level through Honda's unique technologies and ingenuity.
Crossrunner - *The photo shows a vehicle prototype of Milan in 2010

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