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Development Concept

Make full use of the valuable time to "refine yourself" and to "live your way".

Different to the past where people were satisfied by just owning a product, it seems there are many people nowadays who try to expand their horizons by being physically active, and enjoying a wide range of interests, whether in their daily life or away from it.

In these times of change, is it not possible to expand the joys and possibilities of each individual with a new approach of a motorcycle equipped with Honda's advanced technologies in safety performance and environmental performance without being bound by conventional notions? This was the starting point for development.

What we targeted was a motorcycle which allows the customer to live his daily life more actively by expanding his own freedom thus experiencing new and exciting encounters, i.e. a motorcycle which encourages to do exciting things or to go to attractive places.

Based on a Sports Tourer with high potential in dynamic performance we finally succeeded to create a new concept model offering the high agility of an ON/OFF model on a high level.

For both the "Crossrunner" and "Crosstourer" the following attributes were seen as the key features of the Crossover Concept and were realized for each model on a high level:

  • The dynamic performance and high comfort of a sports tourer
  • Powerful and refined design filled with dynamism
  • Agility (ability to cope with various road conditions) and an up-right riding position
  • The simplicity of a naked model

As the values people look for in motorcycles have changed towards a greater emphasis on expressing individuality and achieving inner satisfaction, we wanted to create a motorcycle capable of being used under various conditions thus realising functionality, performance and design to its perfection in order to challenge new areas of the market.

There would be no greater joy for Honda than each customer to enrich their feelings and expand their horizons while experiencing new fun and excitement throughout new values created by the Crossover Concept.

Crossover Concept Positioning map
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