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CTX1300 Styling

Front cowl design (Front face)

For the front face of CTX1300, the unique cowl design conveying the impression of a dense mass yields a powerful look for the whole front area while also providing excellent wind protection.

The front cowl design, composed of simple contours whose taut strands can be visually felt, features the short screens and wide form inherited from the Gold Wing F6B. Featuring the first LED headlight for a Honda motorcycle, the design gives expression to the model's refined, modern taste yet with a more intense forward glare of the front face.

The integrated mirrors jutting out to the right and left are equipped with functional LED turn signals emitting a modern look, while actively incorporating a design with superb air control.

The front cowl seamlessly integrated with the tank shelter forms the distinctive styling of a CTX model.

Front cowl design (Front face)
Front cowl design (Front face)

Rear view design

The rear cowl design with built-in LED combination taillight composes a powerful and modern contour.

The design choice to shape the rear area in a low position accentuates the overall composition of the powerful front-massive form.

The refined, modern taste of the CTX 1300 is further highlighted by a pannier case design that aligns with the horizontal motive styling while combining with the low, short but stout muffler to draw attention to the rear tire holding the ground.

Rear view design
Rear view design

Design for the meter area

The CTX1300 features an instrument panel design with renowned user-friendliness, consisting of an inner panel whose highly visible, built-in dual meters give off a luxurious feel and a mono-TFT LCD panel that concentrates data in the central area to give the rider accurate information just when they need it.

To make the model even more user friendly, audio speakers are placed to the right and left of the meters with audio control buttons concentrated in an easy-to-see way along the character line extending from the inner panel toward the upper surface of the tank shelter.

Design for the meter area
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