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CTX1300 Styling

As a high-grade model in the CTX concept series pointing the way for the Honda-original design, the CTX1300 expressly incorporates its identifying features into designs that people will instantly recognize as a Honda motorcycle. The CTX design embodies a cutting-edge styling expression full of the distinctive originality of a Honda.

The "simple yet powerful contour" and the "configuration of functionally independent components" form the basis of the styling design themes. While focusing on the perspective as a cruiser model, the design aims to give expression to the attractive qualities inherent in a motorcycle with an overall sense of refined modernity.

As common elements of all CTX models, the body shape featuring a stout horizontal motive design, the forward glare of the front face, and the "front- massive form" posing a side view that conveys the impression of a dense mass pressing forward, all come together to create the design identity of the CTX1300.

The customer's measure of value in a cruiser model has recently evolved from a focus on long-distance traveling to a model giving fuller expression to individuality and offering a sense of inner fulfillment.

With the dual aim of giving the rider more reasons to be proud of riding a Honda and infusing the refreshing design of the CTX1300 with the rich spirit and sense of pride worthy of this model, Honda sets out to blaze the trail to a whole new market.

CTX1300 Styling

Styling design

While the unique engine layout and the "front-massive" form characterize the styling of the CTX1300, its large cowls and the resulting comfort of wind protection ensure the fun of pleasant touring.

The tank shelter formed as an integrated part of the cowls with short screens highlights the front-massive form. Together with the low seats featuring a horizontal motive design, external parts emitting a functional appearance, and an engine featuring a mechanical look, the exhaust pipe with beautifully flowing curved lines and the thick, short mufflers designed at a low position combine to characterize the modern and emotive styling of the CTX1300. The three-dimensional "Honda wing" emblem symbolizing the Honda brand is placed on the rib of the air outlet extending from the side of the front cowl, as a common product mark imprinted on all of Honda's high-grade models.

Emblazoned on the radiator shroud is the three-dimensional CTX logo letting the world know that this is a high-grade CTX brand model.

Styling design
Styling design
Styling design
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