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CTX1300 Concept

The development team did not merely extend conventional thinking on cruiser models; rather, it aimed to create a new-generation cruiser fitting the demands of the times. This led to presentation of the Comfort Technology Experience concept for the CTX series. Continuing to build on the concept, Honda launched the CTX1300 in response to customer demands for superior quality, as the upscale model in the CTX series.

Developed under the themes of Comfort Technology Experience and Honda's original horizontal motive design, the CTX1300 harmoniously combines the following elements at a high level: good ground reach due to the low seat height, dependable and responsive handling and stability, and a powerful and unique styling.

The model ensures ample space for rider and passenger, while the pannier cases installed as standard equipment provide even greater utility.

The CTX1300 fulfills customer demands for a motorcycle with ease of use and utility for moving about on city streets in daily life, and one that also lets the rider enjoy touring outside the city.

Veteran riders who have enjoyed hobby riding on various motorcycle models over the years and riders now thinking of upgrading their motorcycle will both feel the full joy of Comfort Technology Experience focused on the essentials for achieving ease of use and utility for moving about in daily life. These features taken together with the high-grade bodywork, give the concept the opportunity to captivate and give each rider immense satisfaction.

The development team's passion was forged into the unique styling design backed by the superior functions and technologies of the CTX1300:
dependable responsive handling, original V4 engine sounds, a relaxed riding position, and super-controllable riding taste.

European Model

European Model

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