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CTX1300 Chassis


As standard equipment for securing optimal braking power matching the vehicle characteristics, the CTX1300 comes with double-disc front brakes having a large 310-mm diameter and 3-piston calipers, and combined disc rear brakes having a large 316-mm diameter and 3-piston calipers.

The sintered brake pad realizes a dependable braking system for riding on city streets and long-distance touring alike. In response to customer requests, a model type with an anti-lock brake system (ABS) is also available (DX Type).



Tire sizes of 130/70 R18M/C (63V) for the front and 200/50 R17M/C (75V) for the rear provide the dependable handling and stability demanded by the CTX1300.

Matching these tires are new aluminum cast wheels redesigned from the bottom up.

The new 10-spoke design for the front and rear wheels helps attain the consistent road-holding feel of the CTX1300 through the outstanding dynamic balance specific to a many-spoked wheel.

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