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CTX1300 Chassis

Riding position

For the riding position, a relatively high degree of freedom is incorporated into the design so that as many customers as possible can ride in their most suitable position regardless of body size or shape.

Compared to conventional cruiser models, the handlebar shape of the CTX1300 provides more room around the arms and knees to ensure a pleasant ride.

With optimized hardness and shape, the seat ensures excellent ride comfort even over long distances.

Good ground reach is secured through a seat height of 740 mm, while the shaping of the seat and area around the step allow the rider to freely extend their feet forward.

Securing ample comfort space and freedom for movement, the passenger seat has a functional shape that lets the passenger enjoy riding in comfort and ease, even over long distances.

The optimized positions of the engine and the exhaust pipe achieve a cruiser's step position that allows the rider to extend their feet forward, ensuring a relaxed and comfortable riding position.

The CTX1300 lets the rider and passenger enjoy a pleasant ride in comfort in a wide variety of situations, including riding on congested city streets and long-distance highway touring outside the city.

Riding position

Front suspension

The front suspension uses a telescopic inverted fork design employing an inner tube diameter of Φ43 mm.

The effective stroke of 120 mm and use of a cartridge damper structure that independently controls the damping forces on the compression and tension sides achieve a refined ride along with handling that enables the rider to follow a line path exactly as intended.

Front suspension

Rear suspension

The rear suspension is a conventional double suspension for ensuring both a low seat height and under seat placement of the fuel tank.

The design, which combines a damper body capable of separately controlling the damping forces on the compression and tension sides with new suspension oil selected exclusively for the CTX1300, successfully realizes a high-quality damper feel and responsiveness.

The rear swing aluminum arm has a one-piece structure created by gravity die casting (GDC). It underwent the same exhaustive CAE analysis that was conducted for the frame to ensure uniform pliability and excellent rigidity for tandem riding and traveling with cargo. In combination with the rear suspension, the rear swing arm achieves excellent road- holding feel and rider feedback in combination with the rear suspension.

Rear suspension
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