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CTX1300 Chassis

Vehicle body, Dimensions

Capitalizing in every way possible on the benefits of the low seat height and low center of gravity, the CTX1300 dimensions are designed for both ease of use on city streets and the dependable handling that prevents rider fatigue even on long-distance touring.

To achieve this, the development team paid thorough attention starting in the design stage to the positioning of heavier components such as the engine, the intake and exhaust systems, and the cooling system.

This resulted in the low center of gravity characteristic of a CTX series model and a front/rear weight distribution of 48:52, virtually equivalent to that of a sporty motorcycle.

The CTX1300 was designed with a caster angle of 28.9° and a long wheelbase of 1645 mm, and the resulting superb vehicle body stability and responsive handling help ensure ease of use and maneuverability with a sense of security.

Dimension (Euromean model)

Frame overview

The basic frame of the CTX1300 is an orthodox double cradle frame, with a newly designed framework used for achieving both the fun of maneuvering and excellent stability in cruising.

This distinctive, longitudinal V4 engine, enjoying an established reputation from its adoption on the STX1300 are surrounded by the main pipes made of steel. These pipes have an unusually thick diameter of Φ38.1 mm, ensuring excellent rigidity for tandem riding and when loaded with cargo for touring. Despite the placement of a 19-liter fuel tank under the seat, the CTX1300 achieves a low seat height of 740 mm to provide good ground reach with a sense of security.

As a feature unique to the CTX1300, a traction beam that effectively transmits the engine's inertial force to the rear tire is set independently of the main frame, to bring out the most in the delightful throbbing feel of a V4.

This setup is very effective in enhancing the fun of operating the CTX1300, on top of its excellent controllability and stability.

The frame was subjected to exhaustive CAE analysis in order to create a framework that ensures uniform pliability and symmetric deformation.

By placing the topmost priority on effective feedback from the road surface to the rider, the development team has come up with a new-generation double cradle frame worthy of the Comfort Technology Experience concept.

Frame overview
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