A global "mother plant" designed to be people- and Earth-friendly
Producing the world's eco-friendliest products at the world's friendliest plant

Production domain initiatives based on a green factory plan

To develop a people- and Earth-friendly plant of which the local community can be proud, we're pursuing green factories in our production domain as a way to work toward saving energy and resources and achieving zero emissions. Going forward, we will continue to strive to produce the world's eco-friendliest products at the world's friendliest plant―a plant of which the local community can be proud.

Pursuing green factory practices

Pursuing green factory practices by working to
save energy and resources and achieve zero emissions

The Yorii Plant’s vision of what it means to be a leading environmentally friendly plant

The Yorii Plant, which began operations in July 2013, is a leading environmentally friendly plant based on Honda’s Triple Zero philosophy. It is a recycling-oriented facility with an extremely small environmental footprint, and it strives to achieve a high level of resource and environmental efficiency as part of a larger effort to operate quietly and with a high level of transparency so as to inspire pride on the part of the local community.

The Yorii Plant is based on the concept of communicating the ideas of new value, creativity, and evolution to the world. By adopting a flexible approach to the market environment and supplying affordable products with world-class quality in a timely manner, the plant will implement high-efficiency, low-cost operations with a small footprint. It will also disseminate leading environmental technologies to the world by maximizing resource and energy efficiency and establishing low-carbon production technologies designed to halve CO2 emissions. Finally, the plant will seek to effect innovation in manufacturing by empowering individual employees to play leading roles based on the keyword "3S+C," obtained by adding the "C" of communication to the three Ss of simplicity, shuchu (concentration), and speed.

Major environmental initiatives of the Yorii Plant at the Saitama Factory (construction-related)

Honda low-carbon production technology introduced in Yorii

Testing of Honda S.E. Paint

The Yorii Plant, which uses production lines characterized by the coexistence of work robots with human workers, has introduced a variety of innovative technologies in the pursuit of automation and efficient manufacturing. One such technology, Honda Smart Ecological Paint (Honda S.E. Paint), a short-process, advanced paint, has dramatically improved painting efficiency.

Honda S.E. Paint eliminates a middle coating process from a commonly used 4-coat/3-bake auto body painting process to realize a 3-coat/2-bake water-based painting process. Conventionally, eliminating the middle coating process would have restricted the paint colors that can be used; however, Honda overcame this challenge by developing a highly-functional material for the color base coat used in the final coating process. This material used for the color base coat makes it possible to use any exterior paint color, which is an automobile industry first for a 3-coat/2-bake process*.

Moreover, in addition to the Honda S.E. Paint, Honda also will introduce a wall-mounted paint robot system with a built-in quick load / quick wash paint tank. This will lead to a significant improvement in painting efficiency, reduction of the amount of paint materials and a 40% reduction in the number of processes compared to a conventional painting process. As a result, the amount of CO2 emitted during the painting process will be reduced by 40%.

* Honda's internal research

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