A global "mother plant" designed to be people- and Earth-friendly

On July 9, 2013, the Yorii Plant at Saitama Factory began operations as Honda’s newest production facility in Japan, joining the five factories and seven plants that the company already operates in the country. As Honda’s eighth plant dedicated to producing completed automobiles, the Yorii Plant will play a leading international role as the company’s “mother plant” through the development of highly efficient production capabilities that use state-of-the-art technology.

Realizing Honda's environmental and safety vision

Honda recognizes that addressing the three issue areas of climate change and energy, resources, and biodiversity will be critical to its ability to realize its environmental and safety vision, which is based on "the Joy and Freedom of Mobility" and "a Sustainable Society Where People Can Enjoy Life." We sort out the factors that define the impact of our corporate activities and the use of our products on the global environment in terms of these issue areas.

Throughout every stage of the product life cycle, we strive to minimize use of newly extracted fossil energy and other resources as well as all other environmental impacts, starting with greenhouse gas emissions. Going forward, we will work to eliminate all greenhouse gases that are emitted through use of Honda products in mobility and daily life.

In the production domain―one of seven domains that characterize Honda's corporate activities―we are focusing our attention on the pursuit of green factories based on the ideal of "producing the world's eco-friendliest products at the world's friendliest plant." The newly operational Yorii Plant at our Saitama Factory is poised to become a leader in that effort as it implements new advances in manufacturing.

Triple Zero: Toward a zero-impact society

Our flagship plant, featuring advanced production and environmental technologies

Producing the world's eco-friendliest products at the world's friendliest plant

Coexisting with nearby communities and the natural environment

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