Passing on Honda’s genes to the N
Unprecedented quality for a mini-vehicle:N-One

N-One with the G/L
package (FF)

Carrying on the N360’s DNA in true form

The N-One is the third model in the N series, after the N Box and N Box+. It takes its design motif from the N360 and carries on its DNA in true form.

With the debut of the inexpensive N360, many consumers experienced the joy of car ownership for the first time during Japan’s high-growth years. Subsequently, Honda sought to identify what kinds of joy could be realized through car ownership in contemporary Japan. The result of this process was an effort to invest our expertise and technology into every aspect of the mini-vehicle—design, driving performance, safety, and ease of use—so that it would embody our approach to quality.

The N-One is the result of an effort to create a new, basic vehicle for the future in Japan as a car loved by the customers over the long term. This is a vehicle that gives shape to Honda’s approach to quality.

N-One’s “eye,” a symbol of Honda’s
commitment to quality

Delivering unprecedented quality with Honda technology

Forms that inspire fondness over the long term comprise a universal style that complements every scene and lifestyle in Japan. We gave the N-One a trapezoidal form that reflects the care given to its air resistance and pursued stability by positioning the tires as far out into the corners of the body as possible.

The headlights give character to the N-One’s endearing front look. Behind the friendly design, which evokes a person’s eyes, are the headlights, round LED position lamps, and turn signals. The design crystallizes a variety of functions and ideas.

The projector-type headlights illuminate more of the road surface with greater uniformity than standard lamps. Design features that limit leakage of the light upwards increase nighttime safety by limiting glare for oncoming drivers.

The headlight design crystallizes various functions
and ideas (artist’s conception).

Emergency Stop Signal: The hazard lamps
automatically start flashing quickly in the event
of abrupt braking.

Giving customers a level of safety that is unprecedented for a mini-vehicle

The N-One is the first mini-vehicle* to include an Emergency Stop Signal function as standard equipment, reflecting Honda’s desire to reduce the number of rear-end accidents. When the system determines that the brakes have been applied abruptly while driving, it starts lighting brake lamps and blinks quickly hazard lamps automatically to alert the drivers of trailing vehicles.

The N-One also comes standard with a VSA (Vehicle Stability Assist) system that controls side slip and a Hill Start Assist function that temporarily prevents the vehicle from rolling backward for about 1 second when starting on an upward incline. Additionally, all models include airbags for front-end collisions, and some include side curtain airbags that include the rear seats or side airbags for the front seats to provide protection in the event of a side collision. Furthermore, the driver and passenger seats incorporate a cervical impact-absorbing structure that is designed to prevent whiplash in the event of a low-speed, rear-end collision.

*Mini-vehicle box-style wagon class (as of November 2012, according to research by Honda)

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