Passing on Honda’s genes to the N

Benefits of the N:The joy of mobility and a rich, sustainable society

Honda launched its first mass-produced mini passenger vehicle, the N360, in 1967 with the goal of introducing a car perfectly suited to the Japanese consumer as conceived by founder Soichiro Honda. The vehicle, which had been designed to offer strong appeal in the three key areas of interior comfort, power, and price, enjoyed explosive popularity in Japan during a time of high economic growth. In this way, Honda was able to bring the joy of car ownership to many customers.

More than forty years later, Honda returned to its roots to design a mini passenger vehicle that would be ideal for the Japan of today, and the result was the N series, a line of three new mini passenger vehicles that have inherited the DNA of the N360. All have enjoyed strong support from customers, with the N Box series posting the highest sales figures of any new mini-vehicle during the first half of 2012. The N Box and N Box+ won a 2012 Good Design Award, and the N Box+ was chosen as the 2012-2013 Japan Automotive Hall of Fame Car of the Year.

Many years ago, the N360 brought a large amount of joy to Japan. Today, Honda is seeking to become a company that society wants to exist by delivering the value Japanese consumers demand in the form of the N series, a new line of vehicles that have inherited the N360’s DNA.

The Honda Philosophy as expressed in the  N series

Supporting customers  who require nursing care

N-One: Unprecedented  quality in a mini-vehicle

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