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Electric power supply has become one of the pressing social issues. In Japan and other advanced nations, people have begun reviiewing the dependency on nuclear energy paradigm and demanding multiple and divertized measures to maintain electric power. On the other hand, there are still many regions in emerging nations where electricity and other essential services cannot be adequately supplied. Furthermore, in times of emergency and natural disasters such as earthquakes and flooding, certain specific items like generators are needed inevitably. There is a variety of issues related to infrastructure on a global scale.

Playing a useful role in people's lives

What do customers need? What can we do to play a useful role for customers? Honda has been providing motorcycle, automobile, and power products and our technological ideas based on these questions. Honda's power products, worldwide cumulative production of which reached 100 million units in 2011, have been winining popularity by responding to specific needs in various markets around the world. While striving to provide unique new value in the future using environmental and energy production technologies, Honda keeps on providing products that people need in their everyday lives in regions with different cultures and climates as well as the products that people need most in times of emergency. The bottom line is that Honda is striving to play a useful role in the lives of all customers around the world.

Creating a new residential paradigm

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